A Little More
Height: 5'7
Body type: Slender/natural
Bust size: 32B
Dress size: US 4
Grooming: Womanly, well-kept ;)
Orientation: Bisexual



Based in LA, often traveling to SF and occasionally NYC. Considering new destinations.

What can I say about myself? I'm someone who seeks out genuine experiences and people, and hope the same is true of those who seek me out. My hobbies and interests are varied but I have a natural inclination towards the arts; this includes partaking and creating. Painting, beautiful objects, interesting materials, the use of space and structure... all things that can simultaneously be simple, complex, and appreciated. It's this very outlook and philosophy that I apply to life. If you've read this far, it seems that you are looking for something a little off the beaten path, something meaningful and intimate. You'll find that I'm someone who cherishes connection. I'm a playful introvert, sensual as can be, who enjoys discovering a person's desires and fulfilling them. 

Things That Make Me Happy

For the gourmand in me: Japanese, tapas, New American farm-to-table and Mediterranean cuisine.

For the artist in me: art supplies, books books and more books, a trip to the museum, lessons in craft. 

For the sensualist in me: a good massage (a good Thai massage will leave me light for days), incense, luxury perfumed candles, kisses.



Please note that emails of a lewd nature will not be entertained. Our time together is ours and ours alone so I do have a no-review policy that must be respected.



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